Family Yoga

Tue/Thurs: 4pm, Sun: 3pm*

A Family Yoga Practice is a unique style bringing parents and children together. Family Yoga is designed for children ages 6 and up to practice with their parents. Sequences are taught in a Vinyasa flow style, acro yoga is introduced in class, as well as concentrated focus on breathing while learning various breathing techniques. Mindfulness meditation is introduced for the entire family to experience awareness and the idea of staying present. Families can build strong bodies and minds together while learning discipline and concentration. Come experience a class that's one of its kind! (45 min)

Postnatal Yoga

Wed: 10am

Postnatal Yoga provides strenthening, stretching and mindful breathing for new mothers. Class is open for Mother and Child up to 1 year old. Building strength and conditioning for recovery after labor and delivery. We put strong emphasis on abdominals, pelvic floor and back musculature to ensure a road to regaining a new post labor body. This Yoga revitalizes the body by increasing circulation to the organs and utilizing breath work for calming the nervous system. Experience a safe practice from a nurturing and certified teacher. Babies and Mommies are welcome into Mommy & Me Yoga Class. (30-55 min)

Mommy & Me Yoga

Wed: 11am, Thurs: 3pm

Mommy & Me Yoga class is created for the parent/guardian of small crawlers to toddlers (up to ages 3 or 4 years old). This Yoga practice creates a sacred space and environment for both the adult and child. Children are encouraged to follow their own ideas of movement and participate as desired while the adult practices slow, gentle, guided, mindful yoga movements of stretching and strengthening while using their conscience breath. The class structure and environment is about teaching our children to love moving, breathing, and creating stillness within the busy world of being a parent. This is best taught thru our living example of an active Yoga practice with our children involved. (30 min) Immediately following is a Mommy & Me Gymnastics class for ethics's crawler all the way to toddle years. Let you child explore in a safe environment for a great combined Mommy & Me Classes!

Kids Yoga Fun Flow

Thurs: 4:00pm

Kids Yoga class for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Class is designed to keep them active in movement through music, singing, fun breathing techniques such as "ninja breath" and finding stillness at the end of each lesson. Yoga poses are taught sequentially in an age appropriate manner. Ultimately, learning to listen and listening to learn within themselves helps summons creativity, freshness, newness, and joy in each moment! Give your child a chance to express themselves in a Kids Yoga Fun Flow. (30 min) Immediately following 4:15-4:45 is a Gymnastics class (Tumbling Toddlers) which is a great combination for your toddler to strength, breath, then get moving!!

Yoga Flow

Tues/Thurs: 4:00pm

Vinyasa Style Yoga class for children ages 6 to 14 years old. Class is structured very similar to an Adult Class yet tailored age appropriately. Children are taught sequences, as well as holding traditional poses, and encouraged to engage and interact with one another for a fun Yoga Flow. Strengthening, increased flexibility, breathing techniques, guided and silent meditations are all part of a weekly practice. (45 min)

Beach Yoga Flow

Thurs: 6pm

A unique Beach Yoga Class offered on the beach, in the sand, under the open sky (family friendly). Slow and relaxing paced yoga practice focusing on classic postures, proper body alignment, mindful breathing and meditation. This Beach Yoga practice can present itself challenging to all levels of practitioners as moving slowly and mindfully through a sequence and/or holding poses for an extended period of time can reveal personal limitations we create in our minds and bodies. Ultimately, learning to allow the breath to take you past yours limitations and creating the possibilities for something different mentally, physically, and spiritually can be achieved in a Slow Gently Yoga practice.

Beach Yoga Special Events & Classes are open to Families and are offered throughout varies Florida Locations (Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Deerfield Beach, & Cocoa Beach. Look at Schedule for our next BEACH YOGA! (60 min)