Tuesdays 3:30-4:45pm

Art Science Play. ArtBoxClub™/ARTcademy™ is exactly what it sounds like:  An Art Club Academy for Artists and Scientists of all walks of life. Join us at ArtBoxClub weekly for unique artistic instruction within a fun, science-based arts curriculum.  We will explore a wide variety of fundamental art skills, artistic mediums and techniques, advanced multimedia and scientific discovery together. Join us weekly for unique artistic and scientific endeavors, studio lessons, open studio, Museum+Lab visits and Art production. Special Projects, Meet-the-Artist and collaborative events are a large part of the club's function. Membership gives Artist/Scientists access to other artists, science, new ideas and adventure. Explore your world as members focus on their own personal interests, artistic journeys, scientific discovery and sciArt skills while  learning with and among other kindred spirits.

Courses offered monthly. Each Art Class meets weekly on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:45. Cost is $100 for four weeks. Immediately following, Little Buddhas Yoga offers a Fun & Tumblers Class 4:45-5:30 at a cost of $15/class. FIRST CLASS FREE, call now to reserve your spot in our amazing program! And allow you child expand through art and then movement!

CIJourney for Tweens

Sept. 28-Nov. 2

The mission of CIJourney for Tweens is to encourage personal development in young people from age 9-12 through a combination of interactive discussion, and guided group activities. The children will acquire the tools necessary to navigate the world around them with confidence. The course’s objective is to demonstrate how believing in themselves and setting realistic goals can help our children achieve their dreams. (75 min) 

Fall Courses begins Sept. 28-Nov 2. Each class meets for 1.25 hours/week, Thursdays 5:30-6:45pm. Cost is $150 for the entire 6 weeks. Little Buddhas Yoga  offers Adult TRX Plate Strength Class 5:30-6:15 @ $30/class during the CIJourney for Tweens. 

Contact Laurie Stone @ 786-301-1594 or or Mary E. Wright @ 954-296-0839 or for any further questions.


Coming Jan 2018

Creative Insight Journey is a course developed at Stanford University by Dr. Michael Ray and has been a highly successful program for adults for 20 years. It is currently taught in both group form and one-on-one around the world. (90 min)

Laurie Stone is a Certified CIJourney Coach (since 2014), a certified RYT200 Yoga Instructor, and a motivator who gets people thinking outside of their bod. A graduate of Georgetown University, a wife, mother, and a believer that we must live out our dreams and truest desires. By combining her cosmopolitan upbringing with her strong spiritual background alongside her business knowledge and creative expertise: certain life events, including a personal battle with a serious illness, her hope is to inspire and motivate others to live a beautiful, fun, and purposeful life!

The curriculum of CIJourney at Little Buddhas Yoga is incredible uplifting Adult Course led by Laurie Stone. Each week offers a unique experience for personal growth, development, and improved self-esteem. Weekly lessons are taught and take home work is given. In addition, each lesson builds on the previous weeks work. This can be a life changing experience for anyone at any stage in your life. Come experience this once in a lifetime chance to grow with an inspiration instructor!

Adult CIJourney Course will be offered January 2018 and meets 1.5 hrs/week. Cost is $400 for the entire 8 week Course as full attendance and commitment to the course is asked of everyone! Buddhas Yoga will offer two classes for your children during this time frame so that the entire family is growing together. Yoga Flow 3:00-3:45 & 3:45-4:30 Fun & Tumblers at a special discounted rate of $25/week. Times for Adults CIJourney & Children's Yoga & Gymnastics are subject to change the time of class on Sunday. Once determined all enrolled and registered students will be informed.

Contact Laurie Stone @ 786-301-1594 or or Mary E. Wright @ 954-296-0839 or for any further questions.