Little Buddhas Yoga & Moving Strength Florida offers Mat Pilates Classes, Private & Semi-Private Lessons on our state of the art Pilates Cadillac & Studio Reformer.


Mat Pilates

Tues/Thurs: 12:30pm

Mat Pilates class uses the student’s own body as resistance and it is a great option for the beginner or advanced student. Pilates strengthens the core abdominal and back muscles to prevent or treat back pain and improve coordination, posture, balance and alignment thereby producing a lasting sense of well being in the process.  Classically trained Pilates teachers will create a successful mat class that will achieve the same benefits as an equipment class: improved strength, posture, flexibility and long, toned muscles. (55 min)


Pilates Reformer

While working primarily with the classic Reformer — an elegant, infinitely adjustable apparatus that uses springs and pulleys to provide finely tuned resistance — the instructor may also use small props such as rings and bands to challenge the whole body while focusing on core muscles. Pilates Reformer Lessons are designed to strengthen and firm the body while improving posture, flexibility, balance and core development. (55 min)


Pilates Cadillac

Pilates Cadillac Workout augments spring-based Tower work with mat work to challenge and strengthen the entire body and are specially designed for small groups. Cadillac can offer a range of exercises by utilizing the push-through bar, roll back bar, leg springs and arm springs. Cadillac Pilates Workouts builds control and deepens flexibility while strengthening the core. (55 min)