WEEK 1 (June 10-14):Dancing Buddhas 

Campers will learn various forms of dance and have a chance to perform them as well. We will learn ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, creative movement, and interpretive dance. Campers will also learn the basics of choreography (how to count music and create their own dances). 

WEEK 2 (June 17-21): Artful Antics 

Campers will express their creativity through various methods of art. We will explore many types of art such as sculpture, painting, collage, fashion, and nature art. Campers will learn about different styles of art and about some of the worlds most influential artists. We welcome all skill levels, beginners through Picasso’s.

WEEK 3 (June 24-28): Little Buddha's Got Talent 

Campers will express their talents this week! We have instruments available for the budding musicians and singers, bars and mats for our dancers and gymnasts, and props for jugglers and performing artists. We will focus on celebrating each our Little Buddha’s unique talents


Campers will learn to ride a skateboard this week and our skate “pros” will work to improve their skills. We will focus on the life lesson that practice makes progress. You’re welcome to bring your own board or use one of ours. We have a variety of long boards available. Helmet & safety pads required this week.

WEEK 4 (July 8-12): Sk8 

Mindful Buddhas.jpg

Campers will spend a week learning the art of mindfulness. Meditation, yoga, movement, mindful eating, and empathy will be our focus this week. Campers will learn how to relax, unwind, and calm the body and mind.

WEEK 5 (July 15-19): Mindful Buddhas 


Campers will focus on getting in touch with nature this week. We will learn about gardening, our ecosystem, and permaculture. We will spend a lot of time outside creating nature-based art, learning the importance of farm to table, and exploring ecosystems.

WEEK 6 (July 22-26): Nature Unleashed 

ninja warrior.jpg

Campers will spend the week completing obstacle courses as ninja warriors. We will also try out some martial arts like tai chi and karate. We will have some friendly competitions as well as encourage team building through really activities.

WEEK 7 (July 29-Aug. 2): Ninja Warriors 


Campers will learn to love and respect our universe this week. We will learn about the importance of taking care of earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling. We will talk about animals, the land, the sea, the stars, and the planets of our solar system and what we can do to help preserve and improve our amazing world.

WEEK 8 (Aug. 5-9): Earth & Beyond