Family Classes

Little Buddhas Yoga is a unique studio encouraging families to flow together both on and off their mats! Our Boutique atmosphere provides small classes giving individual attention to all students with modifications for all skills level. Too many times either the kids are at a class or practice and our workouts are separate. We all need to move and and why not create an environment where we all do it together! That is what we have created & offer something for everyone!  



Family Yoga

Tuesday 4:00pm, Thursday: 4:45pm, Sunday 5:15pm

A Family Yoga Practice is a unique style bringing parents and children together. Family Yoga is designed for children ages 6 and up to practice with their parents or caregivers. Sequences are taught in a Vinyasa flow style, acro yoga is introduced in class, as well as concentrated focus on breathing while learning various breathing techniques. Mindfulness meditation is introduced for the entire family to experience awareness and the idea of staying present. Families can build unique bonds together as well as strong bodies and minds together while learning discipline and concentration. Come experience a class that's one of its kind! Little Buddhas Yoga offers these unique and life changing classes several times a week to begin to share your practice together, classes offered periodically in our Garden Studio weahter permitting. (45 min)


Family Gymnastics

Tuesday 4:45pm, Thursday 4:00pm, Sunday 4:30pm

Want to learn to tumble with your child? Then come to our ONE OF KIND Family Gymnastics Class! All the same moves your child learns in a gymnastics setting is what you'll get while bonding with your child through movement! Class consists of warm-up, increasing flexibility through proper stretching, introduction to basic tumbling; rolls, handstands, cartwheels, backbends, etc., & teaching safe progression of all tumbling skills. Class ends with conditioning, games and partnering activities!

This is the perfect fit for anyone wanting to improve their handstands, bridges and strength to compliment their normal Yoga practice or Fitness workouts. I PROMISE you will leave feeling empowered, stronger, & a desire to play more with your child! (45 min)

Mommy & Me Movement

Thursday 11am 

Mommy & Me Movement time is a unique sacred space where you can let your child explore, crawl and learn movement in a safe and fun atmosphere while you are getting some of your own movement time! This class is open to crawlers to toddlers (3yrs).

Moms will learn how to connect & move with your child through asana practice (yoga poses) for the first portion of class. Children are encouraged to follow their own ideas of movement and participate as desired while the adult practices slow, gentle, guided, mindful yoga movements of stretching and strengthening while using their conscience breath. 

Class is then followed by creative playtime where mom & child learn to roll, crawl & tumble on our gymnastics mats. Moms are also taught how to safely assist and spot their little ones so we create a feeling of safely, excitement, and encouragement for all kinds of movement. Everyone loves Ms. Mary's animal movement which makes us all stronger!

The class structure and environment is about teaching our children to love moving, as we set the examples to for them even in our breathing! We also want to create stillness within as a parent. This is best taught thru our living example of an active Yoga practice with our children involved. Our goal is to get families moving both on and off their mats, we want you to connect with your little ones while having fun together! (45 min)