Mommy & Me Gymnastics

Mommy & Me Gymnastics class allows your child to explore, crawl and learn movement in a safe and fun environment. Parent/guardian will learn how to help your child move, roll, tumble, and engage in developmentally appropriate skills safely while connecting with your little one having fun through music and movement.  The non walkers also have the opportunity to enjoy this class as we enjoy moment with music, scares, and creating a pace for play for everyone! (30-45 min)


Mommy & Me Movement

Mommy & Me Movement time is a unique sacred space where you can let your child explore, crawl and learn movement in a safe and fun atmosphere while you are getting some of your own movement time! This class is open to crawlers to toddlers (1-3yrs).

Moms will learn how to connect & move with your child through asana practice (yoga poses) for the first portion of class. Children are encouraged to follow their own ideas of movement and participate as desired while the adult practices slow, gentle, guided, mindful yoga movements of stretching and strengthening while using their conscience breath. 

Class is then followed by creative playtime where mom & child learn to roll, crawl & tumble on our gymnastics mats. Moms are also taught how to safely assist and spot their little ones so we create a feeling of safely, excitement, and encouragement for all kinds of movement. Everyone loves Ms. Mary's animal movement which makes us all stronger!

The class structure and environment is about teaching our children to love moving, as we set the examples to for them even in our breathing! We also want to create stillness within as a parent. This is best taught thru our living example of an active Yoga practice with our children involved. Our goal is to get families moving both on and off their mats, we want you to connect with your little ones while having fun together! 

Tumbling Toddlers

Gymnastics Tumbling class is geared for the toddlers, ages 3-5 yr olds. Learn froward and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels in a safe and fun environment. Class is designed to keep your child moving while learning fundamentals of gymnastics tumbling. We want to instill a love of movement so we make our learning fun utilizing music with movement, animal walks, being to use the bars, balance beam, developmental equipment in studio and creating an overall great time tumbling! (30 min)

Fun & Tumblers


Mixed all levels gymnastics class for children ages 6-12 years old. Beginning tumbling skills are introduced while strengthening and conditioning are incorporated in class. Children will learn how to safely execute forward and backward rolls, handstands & cartwheels in a fun and safe environment. Students already skilled in fundamental skills will be challenged and continue on improving their skills. All students are welcome to come. (45 min)

Intermediate Tumbling

Intermediate Gymnastics Tumbling class for the student who is ready for more challenging skills. Students who have mastered both front and back rolls, have a strong handstand & cartwheel practice are ready to learn walkovers and advance in their skills. When students are ready, instruction for both front and back handsprings will be introduced. Weekly Classes will include strengthening, stretching, and conditioning in a fun enthusiastic way. Strongly encourage students to come weekly in order to learn progressive skills and grow within their tumbling skills. (45-55 min)

Child Care

Little Buddhas Yoga offers the most unique space where most times we are all moving as a family. There are those times you would like to have a class on our own however, we have our kids with us. Little Buddhas Yoga is all about supporting families and creating a safe, nurturing environment for everyone, hence the creation of our Family Room!

Our staff are experienced Child Care workers and Providers, experienced mothers, CPR & First Aid Certified and are all on a mission to serve others even our Little Buddhas.

It is our policy that we are a no electronic environment during your Child's visit in our Child Care Family Room please respect this and DO NOT leave your child with an electronic. A waiver and release must be filled out for every child. We have many items for playing, relaxing, reading, creating, and drawing. Our mission is allowing all the Little Buddhas to be a kid by providing a safe and nurturing space for children off all ages.

Our one of kind Child Care program is available for drop-in or monthly unlimited. Cost is $10/hour or $50 unlimited. Our Exclusive Monthly Members Rates (Little Buddhas Yoga Members and with our partnership with Ride Element Members) receive  a discounted rate of $5 drop-in or $25 one month unlimited.

Contact Owner, Mary E. Wright 954-296-0839 with any further inquiries! Or just sign up online at

Fun & Tumble Gymnastics is always a great way to get your child learn to love to move.

Fun & Tumble Gymnastics is always a great way to get your child learn to love to move.