Mat Pilates

Learn core strength from a Pilates perspective. A pelvis focused class, moving from your core makes movements effortless and easy. Long slow deep breathing to calm, and a gentle Pilates slow flow to strengthen, you will float out of Little Buddhas longer, taller, and pain free. Free yourself from back pain, neck pain, and joint pain using exercise as medicine. The Pilates Mat series is a full body workout and moving efficiently is the Pilates way. Teacher will guide you making you successful in both the most easeful and challenging of Pilates exercises. Expect a light burn as you synchronize breathe and movement. Classes are custom tailored to those present based off of needs, and ability.

Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates method as a rehabilitation for soldiers during World War One when he was working as a nurse.  His method heals many ailments physically, mentally, and emotionally. Aligning the body helps you to align your life. The breathing assist in mental clarity, and focus. When you clarify your intentions your life becomes lighter, easier, and more joyful. Pilates makes you feel successful and capable of anything and everything!  

Pilates Plate Strength

Pilates Plate Strength is Moving Strength's specially designed workout combining classic Pilates exercises with the scientific elements of the Whole Body Vibration. Utilizing Pilates equipment and mat exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to improve flexibility, build strength and develop control and endurance in the entire body, Pilates Plate Strength creates the ultimate workout for those looking to "step-up" their exercise regime for faster, more efficient results; athletes (amateur and professional) who are desiring better sports results and/or may need rehabilitation, and the mature fitness enthusiast looking to stay healthy and prevent the negative effects of aging on their body. 

The Pilates and Whole Body Vibration methods are symbiotic, and the combination of the two creates a unique and powerful exercise regime. 



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